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Revue Top Secret, ete 2006 

  • Top Secret review, summer 2006: The Hollow Worlds and the Annunaki 

An Anton Parks exclusive interview 

Anton Parks, the author of « The Secret of the Dark Stars » (first volume of « The Girku Chronicles », published by Editions Nenki) on the Anunnaki and the most enigmatic part of our planet past, express his vision about the Hollow Worlds and therefore the Hollow Earth : he draws some of his knowledge in the Sumerian texts and in the “myths” of antediluvian civilizations. 

An interview that plunge us deep into the depths and in Earth’s caverns, where strange creatures may reside. 

An interview by Karma One for Top Secret magazine – Hors Serie Number 1 – summer 2006 

Thanks to Karmaone who kindly prepared us this interview. A remarkable way to treat the “Hollow Earth’s folder” by following other traces and possibilities. 

Roch Saijquere, publishing director and editor of Top Secret’s magazine. 
Top Secret: The Hollow Earth’s theme is certainly not a modern concept that might have been put in evidence by researchers of 19th century, or by authors like Jules Verne. 

It seems that the Sumerian civilization evoked this conception by the name of Abzu (Apsu in Akkadien language). What are these Hollow World’s, what does it look like? 

Anton Parks: In Mesopotamian mythology, the Abzu represents the water abyss situated under the Earth’s crust. This gigantic mass river irrigates not only the Tigris, the Euphrates, but also all the waters in Earth. There are many differents myths that reinforce this conception. I think that we may be able to talk about it a little further. 

There is in the Akkadian literature an explicit passage that clearly evokes the Abzu as an extraordinary place outwards the man’s world. We can find this passage in tablet 11 of Niniveh’s version of the Epic of Gilgamesh. 

The “god” Ea (Enki), Lord of Apsu (Abzu) warns Ut-napishtim (the Babylonian Noah) about a cataclysm who has been decided by the High Council of the “gods” that will cover the entire Earth and will leave no survivors. Ea-Enki reveals to Ut-napishtim the way to create an unsinkable boat which will allow him to navigate the sea and escape the flood. Then, the underground world’s master recommends to Ut-napishtim to tell people who would find suspect his futur departure : “[Tell them]: “I am affraid that Enlfl [Editor’s note: Enlfl is the opponent of Ea-Enki] took me in hatred. 

I shall not stay no longer in your city, I will not set foot on Enlfl’s territory, but I will go down to the Apsu to stay with my Lord Ea””. This strange advice can only be correctly translated if we consider the Apsu as being the underground world where Ea-Enki remains and where Ut-napishtim will find refuge with his ship. It’s not indicated on the tablet, but we can easily imagine that the Lord of abyss advises Ut-napishtim on how to join him in his underworld by one of the planet’s poles entrances. 

Enki-Ea would never informed Ut-napishtim to find him on land from above while a “diluvian hurricane crushed the Earth during 6 days and 7 nights” according to the terms of the same Akkadian text. The violence of this deluge is all the more evident as it is further said that “the Anunnaki lifted up ther “torches” of their divine brigthness which ablaze the Earth… the gods were frightened by the deluge, they retreated by ascending to the heaven of Anu”. The torches are of course the inflamed vessels of the “gods” that allowed them to rise and to leave the Earth to join the “god” An(u) in the sky. It is also from the sky that the “gods” take knowledge of the damages on the Earth’s surface. 

Meanwhile, Enki-Ea who was not part of the trip, was quietly away in his Apsu with his family and Ut- napishtim I 

This small detail says a lot about how the Earth was divided between the “gods”. No Anunna(ki) was allowed to set foot in Enki’s Abzu, otherwise they would not have flown to reach the heaven of Anu, they would have simply went underground with the Lord of abyss… 

When the Sumerian word AB-ZU is decomposed, we get “the hole of knowledge” or “the retreat of knowledge”. 

Those definitions are consistent with the fact that Enki-Ea was considered to be apart, because he possessed a particular knowledge from his mother Nammu, the great Gina’abul (“lizard” in Sumerian=name of the family to which belong the Anunnaki) geneticist. 

Top Secret: In your book « The Secret of the Dark Stars » (published by Editions Nenki), a certain class of Anunnaki lives there. Can you explain us briefly who are the Anunnaki and why does this caste lies in the Hollow Worlds ? 

Anton Parks: At the beginning of the Chronicles that I relate, it is not the Anunna but an affiliated race to them called Sutum, who usually used to occupy the Hollow Worlds. 

The Sutum were a working-class under the orders of the dominant caste, the Usumgal (Great Dragons) who are the masters of the great Bear constellation (Ursa Major). Abzu-Abba was the king of the Usumgal, and actually he lived underground in the Abzu. This distinguished king possessed all the Abzu of the Gina’abul (Editor’s note: generic name of the reptilian races) colonies. Abzu was the ordinary term used by Gina’abul to name all the planetary cavities. 

King Abzu-Abba was eliminated and dispossessed of all his possessions by Enki, the son of “god” An, because he had discovered the real reason that prompted Usumgal to clone Anunna warriors. After that and to keep secret the number of cloned Anunna, unbeknownst to Enki, An and his accomplices hid a large part of Anunna clones in the depths of the Hollow Worlds. 

For some reasons that are too long to describe here and explained in “The Secret of the Dark Stars”, a war erupt within the Gina’abul family, which resulted in the arrival of the Anunna in our solar system. 

To simplify, we can say that after their arrival, Enki and his mother Nammu inherited the Abzu (the underworld) of Uras (the Earth). 

Therefore, those who settled down in Earth’s Abzu were under the exclusive responsability of Nammu and her son. It was in this specific place that Mammitu-Nammu and Enki created mankind. 

The same facts are clearly reported in numerous mythologies. Mesopotamian texts accurately testify that Enki and his mother Nammu were two illustrious geneticists who lived and worked in the Abzu. 

To complete on the Annuna and Enki, the master of the underworld, I shall add that the son of Nammu benefited from a unique and special position in the Gina’abul-Anunna kingdom. Due to his mother Mamitu-Nammu, he enjoyed a kind of erudition that the Anunna didn’t have. Enki had special rights that allowed him both to advise Enlfl’s Anunna(ki), but also to lead them occasionally. In the eyes of all the Anunna, Enki was considered to be apart, he detained a knowledge which was totally unknown to them. Precisely the knowledge of the priestesses who supported the master of abyss. This peculiar situation gave Enki numerous privileges that even Enlil, the undisputed master of the Anunna(ki), did not have. 

Top Secret: The Catholic religion – especially when we see some of the paintings of Jerome Bosch or those “scary” catechism’s illustrations from the early 20th century – traditionally made reference to the fact that hell is located in the underworld, populated by demoniac creatures, reptilian and having a connection with fire. Can we say that those traditions came from a Sumerian knowledge of these worlds ? 

Anton Parks: The abyss refers to the notion of the strange, to something impenetrable and some sort of apprehension. 

But we make often the amalgam between the inside of the Earth (the Hollow Earth=Abzu) and the caves that are located under the Earth’s crust or under the mountains. This may seems insignificant but makes complete sense when we refer tot he Gina’abul’s universe that we can partially find in the Sumerian legends. 
The Abzu from Mesopotamian mythology is generally a quite place, inhabited by affable creatures with multiple forms, indeed, but working for humanity. 

Among the Nungal (or Igigi) entities that were cloned by Enki, we can find aquatic beings called Abgal (Apkallu in Akkadian language), Enku priests, the Namlu’u (survivors of the primordial humanity), or even the female Amam’argi (lit. “Brigth mother who restaures”)… All those individuals live in perfect harmony within the Hollow Earth that can be assimilated to Earth’s paradise. This world is in opposition to the world of caves where some Anunnaki survivors took refuge, as like some Kingu (Royal Gina’abul) and also the Mimfnu (“grays”) who serve the dominant Gina’abul caste. This universe is actually the one that we find in Judeo-Christian literature that evokes the underworld hell, populated by dragons and sinister and threatening serpents. 

Top Secret: It is also mentioned in your book the fact that all the planets (even the moons) are hollow. Is it the nature of a planet to be hollow ? 

Anton Parks: I am not a scientific, my speciality is rather the human past. But, indeed, my knowledge in this subject, allows me to say assuredly that all the planets are hollow and for the most they are able to support life such as we experience it in our third dimension ou frequency. We have made a big folder about this subject on my website. At the time, Roch Saiiquere had had the extreme kindness to authorise us to use the magnificent photography he found when he meticulously inspect the STS 75 mission archives. Since then, the photo is known throughout world. Your magazine as also dedicated a beautiful folder on this subject in 2002. Beyond the myths and in the light of NASA’s pictures circulating on the Internet, this reality is no longer questionable I 

Top Secret: Let’s talk about mythology. Do we find references to Hollow Worlds in Egyptian, Tibetan and South-American cultures, or is it a concept confined on Sumerian culture ? 

Anton Parks: The references to Hollow Worlds are global and we can find them in many myths that a priori have nothing do to with each others. 

The Hop^^ndians of Arizona, North America, claim that they have been created in the underworld by the Great Spirit Masaw, the Creator of the human race and the underworld gardian. Masaw is a “double” of the Sumerian “god” Enki-Ea. 
The Mawari and the Adima from Africa tell that the first Africans had been created in the depths of the Earth. They were gathered in the center of the Earth when they decided to scatter to join the surface. But to reach the places indicated to each one of them by the gods, they had to cross a large river and purify themselves in its waters. 
In Central America, the Nahuas, descendants of the Aztec, tell that the masters of the Earth live in an underground kingdom that which supports the world. They call this place the Tialocan. The TIalocan is a huge cave composed by mountains, rivers and where we can find in its eastern part an aquatic place, where all the world’s waters meet. It is precisely in this place where lives the Mother-Goddess “who is at the same time the embryo and the multiple being of all midwives”. This vision is in accordance with the Sumerian concept of the Abzu, the place where Enki-Ea created mankind with his mother Nammu, who was also considered as the Mother-Goddess. 

In Australia, the aborigines of Arnhem Land claim that “the All-Mother” arrived in the North of the continent in the shape of a snake, and gave birth to the first Australians. After that, she returned to her home, inside the Earth. 

There is also this legend that is told by the Tabetu (Africa) of a man who founds himself lost in the depths of a cave and walked for a very long time under the ground. He eventually founds one opening and was saved. He then founds himself in a totally unknown country. He was warmly welcomed by the natives and all the women wanted to marry him. He lived ther without knowing where his family was. 

In Ireland, the inside Earth’s natives are the Tuatha De Dannan. They are charged by the goddess Dana to annihilate the giants who infest Ireland. 

There is also this rabbinic legend who says that after being expelled from paradise, Adam wanted to return. He began to seek for one of its doors in the mountain and eventually founds one, but the door was definitively closed. 

This same theme is found in one the episodes of Gilgamesh, where the hero has to go through a mountain to reach “god’s” world… 

As you can see, there is an incalculable number of myths who speak about this subject. There would be enough to write several volumes ! 

Top Secret: Some authors, as Joscelyn Godwin (Arktos, Adventure Unlimited Press) had made the synthesis of others researchers worl<s in the 19th century on internal continents that line Earth’s inner face. We’re talking about Agatha continents and the city of Shambala, which is connected to Tibet. What’s under the cover ? 

Anton Parks: Agartha is supposed to be located in the center of the Earth. The blessed ones go there, where the light is celestial. This is at least what emerges from Tibetan legends, and this concept is consistent with most of the myths that we have just pointed out above. 

It is generally accepted that Agartha was not located under the ground and was situated in the Gobi desert nearly 6000 years ago. Its capital was established where the ruins of Khara Khota raises today. 
An important detail, this implies that the term “Agartha” does not include the complete notion of Hollow Earth. Occult traditions from Tibet explain that there was an horrifying war in the Gobi Desert, home of the Uighurs, an advanced civilization, and that this nuclear war destroyed everything in its way. The nuclear war sentenced the kingdom of Agartha to hide under the ground. The word AGA-AR-THA (“Great spirit pure and total”) would emanate from the Mongolian, who was adapted from the Uighur alphabet. The Uighur alphabet is a derivate of Sogdian alphabet who would come from Aramaic. 

A little exercise that my readers are used to allow us to decompose the name using the Emesa, the matrix language of the Gina’abul (the Sumerian-Akkadian syllabary): A-Gar (plain); TA5 (bright), or “the bright plain”, or also A-GAR-TA5-HA “the bright plain of multitude”. Once again the Gina’abul and Sumerian ideology allow us to demystify the deep sens of a legendary term, because it reveals at the same time the earthly and the divine aspects of Agartha as a former sunbathed plain where a multitude of individuals used to live. The axial symbolism of the universe, in other words the mountain and the cave, is totally obvious here… 

The same sort of exercise will allow us to decompose the term Shambala which probably ist he name of an intra-terrestrial locality, a green and white city built of shining precious stones. SA-AM-BALA means in Sumerian “the heart of the lord who digs the ditches” or also “the entrails of the lord of the curved base”. This tought includes the Mesopotamian ideology that the master of abyss Enki-Ea is at the same time “the lord of the mines” or “the lord of the entrails of the earth or of the curved base of the planet”. 

Top Secret: Despite the abondance of references in this mysterious topic, Social-Science or Astrophysics researchers considers this as an absurde subject or simply ignore all those references. 

Why is that, in your opinion ? And why the possibility that our Earth is hollow, and even inhabited by strange creatures strike so much our sensibility ? 

Anton Parks: Our collective subconscious remembers the existence of these “gods” in an “animal” form who would live under our feet. Admit the presence of Earth’s gigantic cavities would require some explanations from the International Community -who manages the world’s affairs- to the Humanity. Does this Community really wants to reveal the existence of such more or less favorable entities to Humanity ? Does the Community wish to look ridiculous and take the risk to loose the control of their human slaves ? If the enormous swindle came to be discovered onde day, will they wish to show the “Anunnaki gods” who live under the mountains and secretly manage the human affairs ? The big secret will eventually come out, probably soon. But I highly doubt that all this take place in the greatest serenity. The apocryphal text entitled « The Book of Adam » rejected by the Judeo-Christian worship who leads the world since milenniums, says a lot about the existence, not the one of the beneficial beings who live in the Abzu, bu the existence of the beings who live in caves that are the Anunnaki called Archons by Gnostics. The astonishment of the witness who face the demons of the caves certainly denotes the same astonishment that we would express if the dark secret came to be revealed one day: “After the first and sovereign live had thus spoken, I transported myself by her power in the location of darkness, in the place inhabited by evil, in the homes of corrupt beings, in the den of snakes, in the furnaces of the consuming fire, in the furnaces of this fire which rises, rises until the limits of firmament […] I went to the place of the darkness: I saw the gates of the obscurity, […] the dephts of Sinevis; the black water running in these abysses, water that brings death to whoever dares to face it. I saw in this water snakes of various colors and different species; I saw the different vessels of darkness; I saw their depraved pilots, each one of them seated in his ship, dressed in their unholy weapons”. (Excerpt from “The Book of Adam” or “Nazarene code”, excerpt from the first part of chapter 6). 

As you can see here, we are far away from the spirituality of the Abzu, Shambala or Agartha. Snakes eho live in the “darkness” of the caves dispute the legitimacy of the planet. They have made it for milleniums by interposed human beings. But, very fortunately fort he Humanity, entities who are located in the gigantic global cavity have always watched over her. Given to the world’s current context which hardly improves, the friendly entities which we find in a lot of mythologies risk to replace the human species in front of its own responsabilites as a “young teenager” who will have to make a choice… 

© 2006 Anton Parks, for the decompositions, translations, and Sumero-Akkadian interpretations. 

Interview : Karma One ( 

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