The Thinning (Movie Preview)


  • The Thinning (Movie Preview)

CC Published on Oct 12, 2016

This is the Basic description of the Movie

Set in a future where population control is dictated by a high school aptitude test, two students must take down the system before it takes them first. 

The Thinning is a YouTube Red Original Movie from Legendary Digital Studios starring Logan Paul, Peyton List, Lia Marie Johnson, Calum Worthy and Ryan Newman.

    These are the Three Questions tn the Thriller:

    1. Q) What Cause a Disses?: A) a Bacteria 
    2. Q) How many side a pentagon has?: A) 5
    3. Q) How many letter on neil for that?: A) 26. You need to count the number of letter in the question as well to answer it, Now What 26 Means? 2+6=8 and 8 Means a New Beginning, Start All Over Againg! It has two Applications: 
    1. In the Positive Spiritual Sense is for the Good and Will Be for all those in Jesus Christ; 
    2. In the Negative  Spiritual Sense it’s for the Worse, benefing only one Satanic Elite Group.
    3. It Also Apply in Our Personal Life.

    We saw the Thriller of This Movie and This is the message We can infer from it:

    If you follow the Equation as it is instructed in the video you get 5/26 = Bacteria; It is May 26 = Bacteria.  Could Be May 26 the Setup Date to spread Poison around the World Population to Simulate a Terrorist Attack, Or Could Be Only in USA? The guy on the Stage is saying That “We are the Most Educated Population in 196 Country”, meaning that All non-Intelligent Kids must be Eliminated, It also Implay that all adult Will Be Killed if they do not have education and intelligence, and Because he says “We are the Only Educated Country” We realize He’s Talking Abou USA. 

    The number 196 has a meaning also: 1+6+9=16, 1+6 = 7 and Seven, in the evil sense of Masons and the Illuminati, means Completion, Accomplish, Finish, Victory; 7 has the same meaning for the Good., As always! Satan Copy from Jesus Christ, He Never is Original in Any Thing He Does…. He just Copy from Jesus then Apply the Contrary…

    What Conecction the Message of this Movie has with the Vaccine Announced by Bill Gates When He Says That It is Possible an Epidemic Terrorist Attack Causing 30 Million People to Died in Less than a Year… See the following Videos:

    The Movie Show this Images:

    Some images shown Innocent People Working on Streets, but we will describe Only a Few of Them:

    This one Clearly Shows the Response to the Equation: May/26=Vaccine, Which imply killing Massive Amount of People.

    It looks like every one is sleeping but not precisely at night time, but mentally SLEEPING

    If You See the Letters AAB they form a Pyramid facing Down and if You look at the Letters CFD they form a Pyramid in its natural Position, Both Pyramids enclose the Baphomet image

    For Those Not Familiar with the Image of Baphomet here you have a few of Them (This images are not part of the movie): 

    Baphomet: Half Human & Half Goat

    This Do You Know What GOAT Means? God Of All Time, There You Have It… 

    Baphomet in a 5 Point Star, Does it Looks similar to the Israel Flag?

    Baphomet: In a 6 Point Star.

    The numbers 5 & 6 have a Meaning, But no Time to Go into that for Now…. even all the information on this Article is Condensed or Limitted because a Matter of Time. 

    You know that Satan like Kids and That is Why so many Pedophile Cases Around the World… They use Kids for Satanic Rituals.

    This link is Informational Only, Please do not Practise it, look Up a Little Bit of What is Behind all This: Jesus is the Way, The True and The Life; The Light of the World

    This one Shows like Police Officer killing somebody!

    This one Shows the percentage of Students who Approve or Fail the test. The test consist on selecting the most intelligence students to kill those who didn’t pass the test

    Please, Do Your Own Research and Confirm for Yourself,

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