We are repeating This information Here to Considering it Extremely Important!

  • Daniel’s 1290 & 1335 Days Explained!(From 2014-2018)

  • Pruebas de las Heregías de Francisco 

  • February 26 Solar Eclipse: 40 Day Prepararion Window for the Cleansing of the Temple

  • Was The Revelation 15 Sign Fulfilled With the Feb 26 “Ring of Fire” Eclipse?

  • The Parade of the Fig Tree… Will Uou Survive the Fire?

  • You Shall Not See Me Until You Say… Blessed is He Who Comes in The Name of The Lord

  • Israel Enters the Promissed Land – NISSAN 10

  • The Measianic Age Begins Jubilee 2017! Rabbi Judad Ben Samuel Prophecy!

  • Does Jubilee Begin in the Sprint or in the Fall?

  • The End Has Come On My People Israel… I Will Not Pass Over Again!

  • Will Daniel’s 70th Week Begin Exactly where the 79th Week End?

  • Any Way You Cut It, NISSAN 10 is the Date!

  • NISSAN 10-11, April 6-7: Event #5: Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem

  • The BrideGroom Collects the Elect Shown in the Stars With Venus Jupiter Conjuntion!

  • Why An April, Rapture is in My Mind?

  • The Rapture & the End of the Creation

  • Explicit Dream: APRIL 8 There Will be Fire!


Juzgue por Usted el Papel del Catolicismo como Religión y Lo que Esconde el Vaticano 

  • Pope Francis Rejects “Massiah”, Suggests It is Incompatible With Christian Values 

  • Pope Francis Warns All Commandments Keepers & Calls Them COWARDS

  • Shocking: Pope Francis calls Jesus & the Bible a LIE!

  • Pope Francis Declares Lucifer as God!

  • La Iglesia Carólica Sabe que Dios No Existe (¡Qué Blasfemia!)

  • El Papa Vuelve a Afirmar que Jesús Feacasó en la Cruz – English Translated

  • Papa Francisco Cree que Jesús es el Hijo de Satanás. Escuche bien el Canto al Dios Zeus que es el mismo Lucifer)


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