Spiritual (Part 2):


  • September 23rd, 2017: The Jupiter-NIBIRU Incident, A 1-Year Prophetic Warning

  • A 7000 Year Sign from Heaven: The Tribulation May Begin September 23th 2017? 

Revealed in Bible Why Donald Trump 

September 23, 2017: What Will Happen?

  • End Time Elijah Forerunner is Coming! 2017 Prophecy

  • Elijah Proclaims Judgement On America! America in Bible Prophecy!

  • Elijah Comes 2017: Hebrew Year 5777, Jubilee!

  • 70 Weeks of Daniel and the Coming of Elijah! Hebrew Year 5777! He Appears Bedore June 7, 2017!

  • 1973 End Times Prophecy Becoming Insanely Accurate – Shocking Words from God: David Wilkerson 


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