Political || Consciousness Development


  • Melania Trump Did the Unthinkable 


  • Trump Just Prove He’s The People’s President? What He Did On Stage Will Bring You to Tears? Whatch and Judge for Yourself According We Ha Seen Until Now and Their Plan Behind The Scene!

The Benjamin Fulford Report: February 20, 2017


Consciousness Development:

  • As We Shift: A Message for Light Workers & Light Warriors 

Consciouness Development:

The Portal: The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light

Thursday, February 16, 2017


  • Archangel Metatron Letting in the PURE You are Receiving

  • Sargate Activated, Gateways Open for Embodiment

  • 16 Spiritual Gifts You Din’t Know You Already Have

  • Beginning Pahse of Frequencies Separating Earth

  • The Secret to An Accelerated Conscious Awakening

  • The Hidden Reaching of Jesus

  • Secret Teaching of Christ

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Economical || Political || Spiritual Awakening

 Spiritual Awakening 1

Spiritual Awakening 2

Spiritual Awakening Process

The Lost Gospel of Thomas: Unknown Teachings of Yeshua || The Practice of Spiritual Awakening: Tools for Conscious Living in Daily Life || Wakening: What Stage are You at? -The Awakening Cycle || 7 Signs You are Entering The 5th Dimension || Spiritual Awakening Process || The 52 Lost Gospel of Jesus || Bible Prophecy & September 23, 2017 

Problem, Reaction, Solution: How The Goverment Will Take Your Cash || 600 Foot Wide, Intact looking UFO Spotted On March Could Still Fly, Specialist Claim || Facebook Employees Are Quitting Because of Users Being Censored || How To Make Conract NOW! || The Five Stage of Awakening: Are Demons Waling Amount Us? || Energy Update: Quantum Timeline Jumps, Abrut Awakenings, StarGate Activation, And Time Travel || The Darkness on Earth is Lifting || New World Order Insider Dies After Exposing Entire Agenda || New World Order Documentary: Anonymous


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