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  • Ex-CIA Says Deep State Planning “Operation American Spring” for May 2017

  • The Economy Handed Off to Trump is Like a Hand Grenade and It’s Getting Ready to Go Off

  • Violent American Spring May 5th,ORDERING CHILDREN in Washington Restaurants, Robert David Steele


  • “Dinarlamd Canary Trap… What if? By C40, 02/19/2017



Spiritual Awakening:

  • What is the significance of number 108?


  • Reincarnation vs. Heaven: Esication Class

Published on Feb 19, 2017 Fasten your seat belts! The age-old battle over Reincarnation is addressed head-on. This video reveals truths acceptable to both atheists and Christians. Amazing insights provided, which are essential to understanding the upcoming 2012 transition (in 2017).

Text of The Video

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1-Light Alliance Info
2-Book: Getting Aligned for the Planetary Transformation

By Tom Price
3- Astral Planes Description & pictures
4-Book: A 

A Soul’s Journey

By Peter Richelieu (British)


News & Politics


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  • Former CIA Officer: Flynn Fired Over High-Level DC Pedophile List

  • Trump is Batting a Pedophile Network

  • EXCLUSIVE! Ex-CIA Robert Steele Interview: #PIZZGATE & Trump’s Path to Greatness & More

  • Mochael Flynn Revealed The War Between Donald Trump & The Deep State

  • The New American Revolution Has Commenced: Deep State Rogue Intel Has Declared War Against Trump

  • The Anti-Trump Deep State Color Revolution Coup Target Flynn

  • Conspiracy Theory: Trump Was The Only One Who Could Beat Hillary and Is Pence’s Stalking Horse



  • Astonishing! Area 51  New Location Exposed!!? You  Won’t Believe What Family Captured 02/20/2017

  • “UPDATE FROM JOSEF”: “Fire”! Intel SITREP 00:00 EST Time, Monday 02/20/2017

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