Economical News:

  • Yanet Yellen Just Revealed Something Huge, But No One Is Listening 

  • Is There A Hidden Message in Michael Flynn’s Resignation Letter?

  • The “Deep State” Soft Coup is Now in Progress to Take Full Control of the Country

  • The TTP Has Been Rewritten, Shrouded in Secrecy & is Worse Than Before

  • Is Obama Creating a Army if Agitators to Go Up Against Trump?

  • Germany Receives Gold Bars from The FED, But The Bars Have Different Levels

  • Current Economic Collapse News Brief

  • The Deep State is Now Formulating a Plan for The Next Event

  • Something Dark is Looming and is Headed Our Way!

  • China, Russia, & Iran are Dumping the Dollar and Increasing Gold Purchases

  • As We Approche The Economic Crisis the Government Will Start to Breakdown

  • The Economic Crisis Will Be Alot Worse Than Originally Thought


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