Spiritual Awakening 1

  • Crystals for Beginners: Here are the Top 10 Essencial Crystals & Their Uses

  • Signs You are Entering 5D Earth / Advanced Clip

  • 7 Signs You are Entering The 5th Dimensions 

  • 31 Signs You are an Earth Angel And What to Do if You are One

  • Are You a 5D Entity? Signs You are Moving into The 5th Dimension (The 4th Density)

  • What’s 5D? What’s 4th Density? What’s This  VIBRATIONAL SHIFT?

  • How Will 5D Earth Be Like?

  • Signs You Have Been Contacted

  • Why The Illuminati Can’t Prevent The Great Awakening from Happening/ Ascension to 5D so are Manipulating It!!!

  • How to Tell Your Frequency… How to Rise it… Things That Lower it to EVOID!

  • How to Manifest MONEY Quickly, it Has WORKED For Me!!

  • 11:11 What Does it Means? Why Do I See The Number 11 All the Time? Who’s Doing This?

  • 12 Ways to Predict The Future

  • Symbology And You. How Symbols Affect You!!!

  • Why are These 32 Symbols found in Cabes All Ovet Europe? 

  • The Root of Religion 

  • 1177: The Year Civilization Collapse!!

  • Towards a New History and Geography of Human Genes Informed by Ancient DNA

  • Why Aliens Don’t Make Public Contact. Former Extraterrestrial Incarnating as Human

  • How Reincarnation Works and Why it Happens: The Reincarnation Process

  • 5Th Dimension: Reincarnation Documentary


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Spiritual Awakening 2


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