Usaré a Donald Trump y a Bill Gares para Crear Eecursos Financieros: Dijo El Señor en el 2007 || INTEL SITREP: 01:00 East – Friday January 20, 2017 (Veeeery, Very Important; Please Watch) || Obama Bans Russian News: Putin Warns: “Trump or Bush Will Have to Die” || The Big Call Bruce: Thursday, January 19, 2017

  • INTEL SITREP: 01:00 East – Friday January 20, 2017 (Veeeery, Very Important; Please Read & Watch)

Received via email at 1:11 AM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

The Republic is 100% controlled by Russia and China (Elders) in exchange for relieving our national debts and replacing our defaulted USD worldwide with a gold backed TRN/USN.

The alternative was a former Soviet Union type implosion and fracture of state assets to foreign bidders.
Our military is also now 100% controlled via this same deal due to our 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 military budgets being paid for by the Chinese Elders. So is Israel’s BTW– hence the two state solution imposed on them recently at the end of Obama’s second term.

Russia has long held hard evidence against Trump — all of D.C. in fact — and has the ability to release it.

So everyone in positions of power are either playing along for their amnesty or retiring which includes Executive, Judicial and Legislative branch actors. They were all on the Zionist take.

The corruption in Washington was so absolute and overwhelming, that the Chinese, Russians and White Hats felt it best to keep the transition of government out of the public eye for the emotional health of the nation.

China also holds the majority of Trump’s real estate debt (over 80% for all his global properties) and could foreclose on them all simultaneously if so desired at anytime. They really had old Donald cornered–so don’t worry about a Trump Presidency– it’s completely fabricated.

This is why Trump never got torched in the media (China controlled the MSM’s future financially as well due to 9/11 evidence) and this is why Trump would never release his taxes. nor sell his properties.

Both acts of transparency would have left a public record of debt ownership as well as loan history–which would all lead straight to China–and the Elders wanted no negative press against China during the campaign.

This means Trump had no choice but to run for President and win ironically as Clinton was not an option. And why he will continue to play the Russian / Chinese patsy until told otherwise.
This makes Trump a 100% compromised “president” just as Clinton, Bush, Cruz, and Sanders were in different capacities playing lesser roles.

All were instructed daily how to carry on per normal and do what that were told or be publicly exposed for their crimes and lose both their amnesty and currency exchanges. Yep, they all got a IQD/VND severance package to walk away.

Agency sources say China will use Trump to get through the GESARA changes and then casually release him back into civilian life when the time is right. Pence and Ryan will continue in their bidding possibly for three full terms.

The plan was always to blame massive GESARA changes on Trump — as they anticipated the country would not to accept a lesser global role in terms of the national psyche.

Most of Trump’s cabinet members are just temporary placeholders who are all high ranking cabal members that are gaining amnesty and currency exchanges for playing along.

“Mad Dog” Mattis was General Dunford’s pick for DOD head and he will remain. He’s an White Hat American patriot along with Dunford and several more in the pentagon. Thanks guys. Ooh Rah!
Dunford has been managing the GESARA transition from the shadows for almost two years now. Which includes military watch over the Trump Administration for the Chinese Elders.

The Elders trust Dunford. And even offered him the Presidency post GESARA which we understand he declined — hence the need for Ryan who Dunford doesn’t particularly like but tolerates.
The RV will commence on General Dunford’s command post Trump inauguration and complete before the beginning of the Chinese New Year 1/28/17 per orders from the Elders.

Thank you General Dunford and General Mattis for your selfless service to country. The sacrifice is both appreciated and greatly admired even is unknown by the masses.

God Bless the restore Republic of the United States of America. May she heal and live long as a beacon once again for peace and prosperity globally.

God is with us.

  • Obama Bans Russian News: Putin Warns: “Trump or Bush Will Have to Die”.

More info at:

  • The Big Call Bruce: Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes to us. ~ Dinar Chronicles


Welcome everybody to the Big Call. Good to have everybody back. 1025 requested the call from the financial world. Wonderful that to happen because we know we are going to be parenting with our banks all over the world. Wells Fargo, HSBC, AIIB, Peoples Bank of China and other banks agricultural and business related also partnering with us down the road. Also banks in Canada and others internationally.January 28 means a new year for China and they are looking forward to that as a new start for them. This is the year of Jubilee, and looking forward to that also.

: Where we were from Tuesday night call to now? Tuesday night we talked about is the plan for us to have this blessing prior or after the inauguration of President Trump. On Tuesday I told you I believed the intention was to have it prior. There has been a lot of availability of funds moving and liquid, but seems like the Go switch has not released yet for the church groups, sub groups, humanitarian funding sources still waiting particularly one funding group who has had the funds in there for 3 weeks and the funds are still there waiting for the release. Where we thought we have this before. At the time of this call we still do not have the Go signal meaning the 800 number for the release for us to set our appointments. I am not sure I can say it will happen prior to the Inauguration. Could something happen over night? It could be possible. President Trump needs to say his oath of office then things shortly thereafter happen? I believe that is the time frame we are on now. I can’t tell you how quickly this all set to go, but my understanding is one scenario that is the case. Maybe all breaks loose with the release we are looking forth shortly after the swearing in of the new president. That would be wonderful.

: We have waited a long time. Some 12 years. This will be worth it. I have had few ups and downs on the roller coaster. I choose not to get on the roller coaster but to watch it from the platform. The information I am getting happening for us, what I am seeing the liquidity going to those who has had their SKRs from groups to have access to those funds I believe is suppose to start tomorrow and Saturday. These are the people who have been in and exchanged already. Maybe have seen their accounts but can’t get access to their funds. That type of thing. My understanding this is part of the shot gun start. Maybe release the access to those funds and the start for us to go with the toll free number at the same time or approximately same time could very well be the shot gun start we have talked about for months maybe even years. Even though I couldn’t believe it could go to the end of January or even January 20th, apparently that is what is happening.

: Some things said on the blogs if it doesn’t go by tomorrow or even tonight, we are looking at later dates in the year. That is not what I am getting. I don’t believe that. I believe we are at the end of the ride if the possibility something happening after tomorrow.

: We are also hearing the possible of an announcement by our new president over the weekend with the new gold standard we recently have gone to with our currency. If that occurs, we may be looking for the public to go early next week. We talked about those dates last couple of calls. Don’t have time frame other than the weekend. Stand by and see what happens. See if it occurs. If it happens prior to earlier next week for us, conceivable we can have two to three days head start for them to get some of the ZIM in the system

Bruce: Redemption centers are still on standby, fully staffed and ready. We need to go from standby to active status. That means they would be ready for us to come in. That needs to show up.

We are hearing also Iraq’s Prime Minister Abadi is in Iraq still and is sort of waiting for the announcement to come so that he can release the dinar internationally. It has been revalued in the country. The rates have been on the screens the last19 days. We know where it approximately is now and where approximately is in value. But also know that Iraq has the contingent to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. Some folks were there early in preparation. Abadi wants to go there but since not triggered in his country, he has to wait. His envoys went to Davos, Switzerland.

: The Chinese Premier did a beautiful job holding court the last couple of days starting Tuesday. Getting things done and organized in an orderly fashion over there. For example all the nations put their funds for the Global Climate Agreement. They have done that. Guess what country was the last country as of midnight last night did not have their funds in to Global currency agreement for the purpose of all for the Paris Agreement. What country was last? Oh, that is right. It was the United States. Everybody surprised of that? Since we insisted everybody sign off to that agreement yet our own participation wasn’t until early this morning. Not surprising I guess. That took place finally. Better late than never, right?
Bruce: I am encouraged that took place. The adjustments were made. We kicked in 400 million dollars for that. Other countries far smaller less populated than the United States were asked to pay 500 million dollars. Does that seem fair? NO. Was that discussed to make it fairer in Davos? Yes it sure was. They adjusted the amounts so that what all the countries had to put in was based on their productivity, factoring, economic ability, etc. Those adjustments were made. They are getting some things done. I am happy about that. There is more equity and playing field being leveled so all can participate more equally. That is going on.

: Concerning the Inauguration there is a lot of excited built around that. The budget for the nomination process of the cabinet had a budget of 6 million dollars, I heard 6.4 million dollars. They achieved what they wanted to do with a 20 percent reduction in that budget. Those 1.2 million dollars was returned to the US Treasury by the President elect. Good start. Saving money. He is not taking a salary by the way. Also any foreign countries that books rooms in any of his properties in the US and maybe internationally, I don’t know, but any that book rooms those profits from those rentals go payable to the US Treasury. Nice way to get a little funding in the Treasury.

: What about our national debt? It is approaching 20 Trillion dollar deficit. What is ironic is that use to sound like a lot of money. Funny it doesn’t sound like a whole lot to us that have ZIM, because the Private Negotiable Rate is pretty high on that. I wonder if the infrastructure we talking about a trillion dollar and I know the new Vice President Pence was talking about how that could be paid, and be covered. We know private sector could pony that up on its head not even blink an eye to do that. Really guys in the explanation Pence gave it wouldn’t be coming from Congress, but coming from private grants. I was smiling when I heard that we could be part of that group to help the infrastructure. So I am excited about our participation of the Big Call project Rebuild America. Don’t be discouraged about the national debt. I believe it will be wittled down. It wouldn’t surprise me somehow that debt just goes away somehow. Maybe take a year or so, but it will go away.

: I am excited where we are individually and part of the Big Call. The timing is close. It wasn’t what we hoped last Tuesday, last week, and even today. I believe everything is ready. The funding is in place. The USN and TRN were alive and will be put back tomorrow. I think we should enjoy the Inauguration. Keep an eye on it. Our time is coming shortly. Also for the public to start. Let us get excited about that.

: You know the drill as far as the redemption centers. Appointment to be about 1 hour. A two call process. One number to call center. If you have ZIM, you will get one phone number to call and set you up with redemption center in your zip code. If you don’t have ZIM, you have another number to dial to take you to another redemption center that is not a ZIM center. They are ready as we are. They are anxious as we are. They are excited as we are.

: Remember to smile and be happy about something so life changing and world changing as well. Big Call project, Rebuild America, one city at a time then the world everywhere. Find the need, meet the need, change the need. A little slogan we heard before. We can utilize that with what we plan to do. Stay positive. Look for a great event starting tomorrow through the weekend. You redeeming your currency, bonds as ZIM draws nigh. I am looking forward telling them about the projects about everything we plan to do with our communities, health, and technology. Our opportunities are vast to make improvements and help our fellowman. Did I think we had to wait for a new administration to start? Certainly not. Indication why it happening that way? I think so. See what happens and see who our friends really are.

: I hope all enjoyed it tonight as I did. I look forward to the call. Let us believe together for this blessing to come according to the latest Intel I have. That is what I am going with and have faith for. Thank you all for coming in and listening. If we get the 800 number, we would be honored to put it out on our site: If we are able to do a prerecorded celebration call we would put that out also.

: In the meantime, let us look forward to this change and incredible blessing. Look forward to a beautiful day tomorrow. Pray for peace and safety for all involved including us. Thank you everybody. Goodnight everybody and have a great night and wonderful weekend. I look forward to coming out to the other side and have a great time at the redemption center when I can set my appointment. I know you guys are too. Thank you Big Call listeners.



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