Soros, Trump Threatens My New World Order Plan

Whatever Soros is Saying About Trump is Totally False; They all Obey and are Workinf for The New World Order Agenda. They are Just Using Distration for American People and The Workd. “WAKE UP AMERICA!!!” DO NOT BELIEVE ANY POLITICIAN THEY JUST LIE TO US SAYING ANYTHING THAT PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR DURING THE CAMPAING, BUT LATER THEY CHANGE THE SPEACH And Lie all the time. Soros and Teump are Trying to confuse Us Here or Distract Us from the Execution  of The Agenda… Thast What They are Really Working On; if Not all the movements They are doing the following: 

  1. Trumps and Soro laying, 
  2. Obama Attacking Russia, Basically He Have Declared War Against Russia, Obama Attacking Israel On the Palestinian Estate, 
  3. Israel Focus on Iran and its Nuclear Weapons, 
  4. China Playing Out With the Currency, Gold and China Sea Island, etc… 
  5. Putin Making Himself the Victim of all Attacks Against Russia, He Control the Whole Asian Continent 
  6. Netanyahu is Also  in the Side of The UN, BecausebHe Control the Middle East.
  7. Syrian President knows What’s Going On in Syria and Why, But $e pretént Justify in fron of People He does not. 

They are all playing the Same Game and Only are Confusing Us. There are so much jnformation about it,  But Not Time to Expose it. See the following video

The New World Order, World War III, ISIS, Yhe Secret Agenda of Elite 2016, END OF THE DAYS COMING!!!


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