The Story of Nimrod & Semiramis And How it connects With Muslim, Islam, Great Babylon and The Book of Revelation? And especially how its connects With the World History, Which has been hidden to Mankind for ever…!!!

Images of Samiramis: 

 In our research investigating the Holly Bible we found a very interesting video about the Mistery of The Great Babylon tittled 

“Babylon Bible Prophecy – ISIS Secrets Revealed”

, which is posted below. 

Pleases completely follows this information very closely, paying attention to every word described into it, and to any article that any of the text could referes to… It is extremely important if you want to understand Our World History and How Secret Societies and Religions have keeped The Mankind Blinded Using Brain Wash Tecniques.

The information that will blow up your mine is that one that support any piece of data given in the video;  So you must analyze it, and if you consider it is being  important but you do not understand it, go ahead and click the links bellow the video and go deeper as you consider to be clear in your investigation. 

Please, Click to use the Holly Bible to Get a Right Connection With The Trueth.


                         Here The Video

Stop It And Go Back and Forward any Time At Your Conveniences:


Babylonian empire

Nimrod Empire

Semiramis, Wife of Ninus (Nimrod)

Ninus (See Story of Ninus And Semiramis, And How Nimrod is The Same Ninus)

After having investigated all the above information you will see how all The Secret Societies have keep mine controlled and secrets, as well, over the mankind. And making the World a Completely Lie to  enslave all mankind and maintain then in ignorance of The God’s Salvation Plan to Humanity… It is so truth that even they have manipulated the Bible Study, which is the only way a man can get the Right Jesus’ Salvation Plan. These manipulations vary in many different ways: Sex, Economics (Companies), Govertments, Religions, Military, Science, Technologies, Low and High Level Studies (Elementary, high School, Colleges) [See Description In Spanish], to say something… Then you can find out how they keep us blind and hands tied, which in short is Slavery. This is what the New World Order is all about

After God (YHVH = Jehovah) destroyed the Babel Tower and change every one language, the Nimrod Empire expands and every country under his empire got independent from it, and adopted a different way of the ocult that was in evolution in the original Nimrod Kindong. Then each new culture adopted a name for the same God That Nimrod used to worshipped Satan. Those Goddess were false religions that began with Nimrod And Semiramis to keep the Ocults.  The following is a table of the names of Nimrod Empire Goddess in correspondence with the new culture each one of those name was worshipped.

The Center Symbol is the identification of this false God. So uo can see the same symbol emerge the same, with little or not change, for all the new cultures and occultism. 

 The two columns represents the name of the Goddesses being worshipped in the new cultures resulting from the destruction of The Babel Tower along with the new different languages spoken. 

  1. In Egypt: Osiris and Isis. Now What kind of relation exist between the actual ISIS Terrory Group and this God’s name?
  2. In Assyria: Assur and Isthar
  3. In Babylon: Bel and Belit
  4. In Persia: Mithra anAnahita
  5. In Greek: Helios and Artemis
  6. In Rome: Apollo and Diana
  7. In The Bible: Baal and Ashteroth (Queen of Heaven)
  8. In the Book of Act: Moloch and Rephan.

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