The Universe Is Only 6,000 Years Old

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The Universe Is Only 6,000 Years Old 


When Did God Create The Universe?

– The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ created everything. 

– Jesus Christ certainly knows when He created the Universe! 

– This information is provided in the Bible for those who seek to know. 

– We need to do some very simple detective work to find out when the Universe was created. 

Summary of the 6,000 Year-Old Date of the Universe
We believe that the clear teaching of the Bible, specifically Genesis Chapter 1 and Luke Chapter 3, teaches that:
– The whole Universe was created on Day One of the Six days of Creation (Genesis 1:1-5). 
– The Hebrew words for “dusk” and “dawn” used in Genesis 1 are clearly referring to 24 hour periods of time, not millions of years (see below). 

– Adam was created on Day Six of the Six Days of Creation (Genesis 1:27). 

– Adam was “the son of God,” not the son of a monkey (Luke 3:38). 

– Jesus Christ was born 77 generations after Adam, which is a period of approximately 4,000 years (Luke 3:23-38).
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