What is the ISIS?

Obama preppared to destroy ISIS….
S leader called the new bin Laden

(CNN) – The face of a balding, middle-aged man stares unsmilingly into the camera. He is dressed in a suit and tie and could pass for a midlevel bureaucrat.

But the photograph is that of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, who has transformed a few terror cells harried to the verge of extinction into the most dangerous militant group in the world.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has thrived and mutated during the ongoing civil war in Syria and in the security vacuum that followed the departure of the last American forces from Iraq.


The aim of ISIS is to create an Islamic state across Sunni areas of Iraq and in Syria.

With the seizure of Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, and advances on others, that aim appears within reach.

ISIS controls hundreds of square miles where state authority has evaporated. It ignores international borders and has a presence all the way from Syria’s Mediterranean coast to south of Baghdad.

How to respond to the ISIS threat

What are its origins?

In 2006, al Qaeda in Iraq — under the ruthless leadership of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi — embarked on seemingly arbitrary and brutal treatment of civilians as it tried to ignite a sectarian war against the majority Shia community.

It came close to succeeding, especially after the bombing of the Al-Askariya Mosque, an important Shia shrine in Samarra, which sparked retaliatory

But the killing of al-Zarqawi by American forces, the vicious treatment of civilians and the emergence of the Sahwa (Awakening) Fronts under moderate Sunni tribal leaders nearly destroyed the group.

Nearly, but not quite.

When U.S. forces left Iraq, they took much of their intelligence-gathering expertise with them.

Iraqi officials began to speak of a “third generation” of al Qaeda in Iraq.

Two years ago, a former spokesman for the U.S. military in Iraq, Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, warned that “if the Iraqi security forces are not able to put pressure on them, they could regenerate.”

The capability of those Iraqi forces was fatally compromised by a lack of professional soldiers, the division of military units along sectarian lines and a lack of the equipment needed for fighting an insurgency, such as attack helicopters and reconnaissance capabilities.

The new al Qaeda was rebranded in 2006 as the Islamic State in Iraq (ISI). It would add “and Syria” to its name later.

The group exploited a growing perception among many Sunnis that they were being persecuted by the Shia-dominated government led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, starved of resources and excluded from a share of power.

The arrest of senior Sunni political figures and heavy-handed suppression of Sunni dissent were the best recruiting sergeants ISI could have. And it helped the new leader re-establish the group’s influence.

Who is its master of terror?

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi graduated to the top job in 2010 — at the age of 39 — after Abu Omar al Baghdadi was killed in a joint U.S.-Iraqi operation.

Al Baghdadi’s group was in a pitiful state. But with U.S. forces and intelligence on the way out, he launched a revival.

Very little is known about Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, but a biography posted on jihadist websites last year said he held a Ph.D. in Islamic studies from a university in the capital.

He formed his own militant group in the Samarra and Diyala areas, where his family was from, before joining al Qaeda in Iraq.

Al Baghdadi even served four years in a U.S. prison camp for insurgents, at Bucca in southern Iraq — a time in which he almost certainly developed a network of contacts and honed his ideology.

He was released in 2009 and went to work.

What is ISIS trying to accomplish?

It wants to establish an Islamic caliphate, or state, stretching across the region.

ISIS has begun imposing Sharia law in the towns it controls. Boys and girls must be separated at school; women must wear the niqab or full veil in public. Sharia courts often dispense brutal justice, music is banned and the fast is enforced during Ramadan.

Sharia law covers both religious and non-religious aspects of life.

Where does the group’s money come from?

In the beginning, al Baghdadi focused on secrecy — with loosely connected cells making it more difficult to hunt down the leadership — and on money.

Extortion, such as demanding money from truck drivers and threatening to blow up businesses, was one revenue stream; robbing banks and gold shops was another.

It seemed the group had become little more than gangsters, but the income would help finance a growing stream of suicide attacks and assassinations that would poison the political atmosphere.

It would also aid the recruitment of Sunni tribal fighters and finance spectacular prison raids that liberated hundreds of fighters, as well as attacks on police patrols and the assassination of officials.

Now, al Baghdadi has a new strategy for generating resources: large-scale attacks aimed at capturing and holding territory.

Ayham Kamel of the Eurasia Group, a U.S.-based consultancy, says that in the latest iteration of this strategy, ISIS will “use cash reserves from Mosul’s banks, military equipment from seized military and police bases and the release of 2,500 fighters from local jails to bolster its military and financial capability.”

What’s been its key to survival?

Al Baghdadi avoided al-Zarqawi’s mistakes by avoiding the alienation of powerful tribal figures.

When it captured Falluja, west of Baghdad, in January, it worked with local tribal leaders rather than raise its black flag over the city.

One of the group’s ideologues, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, even admitted: “As for our mistakes, we do not deny them. Rather, we will continue to make mistakes as long as we are humans. God forbid that we commit mistakes deliberately.”

How is it drawing support?

ISIS is, in essence, trying to capture and channel the resentment of the Sunni street. And in both Syria and Iraq, it is trying to win favor through dawa — organizing social welfare programs and even recreational activities for children, distributing food and fuel to the needy, and setting up clinics.

Again, having the money matters. The price it demands is enforcement of the strict Sharia code.

How does Syria fit into the picture?

A senior U.S. counterterrorism official told CNN this week that ISIS looks at Syria and Iraq as “one interchangeable battlefield and its ability to shift resources and personnel across the border has measurably strengthened its position in both theaters.”

The explosion of violence in Syria was a gift to al Baghdadi.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad lost control over large parts of the North and the long border with Iraq.

The group, still known as ISI at the time, could build a rear base where it could recruit foreign fighters, organize and escape from any Iraqi army operations.

Al Baghdadi may have sent operatives across the border as early as the autumn of 2011, and the group later changed its name — adding “al Sham” for Syria.

It moved swiftly to take control of the Syrian province of Raqqa, aided by the al-Assad regime’s focus on Homs and Aleppo.

What is its relationship with other al Qaeda groups?

As it has grown in strength, the group’s vision of a caliphate under its control has expanded.

Its ambition extended to declaring early in 2013 that it was absorbing another militant group in Syria, the al-Nusra Front. According to some accounts, al Baghdadi had been instrumental in creating the group; now he wanted its obedience.

The declaration — and al-Nusra’s rejection of it — set off a rare public clash between two groups that both saw themselves as part of al Qaeda.

From his hideout somewhere in Afghanistan or Pakistan, al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri at first tried to mediate between the two, and then disowned ISIS when it refused to concentrate on Iraq.

Rather than seek reconciliation, ISIS has hit back. Earlier this year, the group’s spokesman, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, told al-Zawahiri in a recording: “Sheikh Osama (bin Laden) gathered all the mujahideen with one word, but you divided them and tore them apart.”

“You make the mujahideen sad, and make the enemy of the mujahideen gloat because you support the traitor, and you make the heart bleed,” he said — referring to the leader of the al-Nusra Front, Abu Mohammed al-Jolani.

It was another sign of the extraordinary confidence of the ISIS leadership.

Despite the rift, ISIS’ success against what are seen by militant Sunnis as loathsome Shia regimes in Syria and Iraq has attracted thousands of foreign fighters to its ranks, enabling it to continue battling al-Nusra in Syria while preparing for its big offensive in Iraq.

What is its strategy?

For Western counterterrorism agencies, the combination of fanaticism and disciplined organization is the nightmare scenario. ISIS has plenty of both.

While the world was shocked by its sudden capture of the city of Falluja, ISIS was still focused on a bigger prize: Mosul and the province of Nineveh. Operations in Falluja and elsewhere in the western province of Anbar were meant to (and did) draw Iraqi forces away from the north.

It has developed an ability to conduct operations — from suicide bombings and attacks on the security forces to wresting control of towns — in several regions at once, keeping the demoralized Iraqi army off balance.

And battle experience has created a resilient force capable of ever more sophisticated attacks.

In raids on Samarra, for example, its fighters used bulldozers to remove barriers that had been in place since the U.S. occupation.

Some analysts expect critical parts of the Iraqi oil infrastructure around Mosul to be among its future targets.

Where does its weakness lie?

ISIS runs the risk that its rapid expansion — and threat to the Iraqi state — will overstretch the group.

In northern Syria, it has retreated from some towns it held after clashes with al-Nusra and other groups.

Al-Nusra is making common cause with other groups in an anti-ISIS front.

And by taking Mosul, which Iraq’s Kurds see as in their sphere of interest, ISIS may invite greater cooperation between the Iraqi army and experienced Kurdish fighters.

A U.S. counterterrorism official told CNN that ISIS “still has significant weaknesses. It has shown little ability to govern effectively, is generally unpopular, and has no sway outside the Sunni community in either Iraq or Syria.”

To many analysts, that smacks of complacency.

How significant is its threat?

The weakness of the governments ISIS is confronting — and the hatred for those governments among Sunnis — means that a few dozen truckloads of fighters can seize towns and cities, overcoming forces many times larger by their sheer ferocity and battle experience.

In the words of the Soufan Group, a political risk consultancy, “ISIS has become indisputably the most effective and ruthless terrorist organization in the world.”

“It now challenges the authority of two of the largest states in the Middle East, and has attracted significant numbers of fighters, not just from Iraq and Syria, but also from Saudi Arabia and other Arab states including Jordan.”

There is no doubting the group’s confidence and ambition.

ISIS spokesman al-Adnani took to Twitter Wednesday to declare, “The battle is not yet raging it, but it will rage in Baghdad and Karbala. Put on your belts and get ready,” according to a translation by the SITE Intelligence Group.

Al-Adnani openly mocked al-Maliki as an underwear salesman who had lost Iraq for the Shia.

“You lost a historic opportunity for your people to control Iraq,” he said, “and the Shi’ites will always curse you for as long as they live.”

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The siege of Mosul: What’s happening? Why is it significant?

NATION Obama prepared to order airstrikes in Syria against ISIL – NASA Predicts The Apocalypse. And It’s Soon – NASA Director Predicts Mars Settlement by 2060 -

NATION Obama prepared to order airstrikes in Syria against ISIL or ISIS: a terrorist group..,


WASHINGTON — El mayor secreto del Vaticano… La llegada de NIBIRU

El mensaje final de Obama será anunciar la llegada de NIBIRU… Watch it out

Obama, who began ordering airstrikes in Iraq last month, also told a national television audience he is urging Congress to approve money for training rebel forces in Syria.

“I will not hesitate to take action against ISIL or ISIS: a terrorist group in Syria, as well as Iraq,” Obama said while discussing plans for expanded airstrikes.

The president’s counter-terrorism strategy also includes: more airstrikes in Iraq; the deployment of 475 more U.S. military troops to assist the Iraq military, bringing the total number of American advisers to some 1,600; help from other countries; and an emphasis on having local ground forces battle the insurgent group that is also known as ISIL or ISIS: a terrorist group
“America will lead a broad coalition to roll back this terrorist threat,” Obama said.
The president did not specify when and how the U.S. might strike at Islamic State targets in Syria. Asked about a timetable for a strikes in Syria, one senior administration official said that “we’re not going to telegraph our punches.”
NASA Predicts The Apocalypse. And It’s Soon.

NASA Director Predicts Mars Settlement by 2060

NASA Director Predicts Mars Settlement by 2060
The Long Now Foundation – Contemporary Jewish Museum
Long Conversation, an epic relay of one-to-one conversations among some of the Bay Area’s most interesting minds, took place over six hours in San Francisco on Saturday, October 16, 02010. Interpreting the Long Conversation in real time was a data visualization performance by Sosolimited; an art and technology studio out of M.I.T.Long Conversation was presented with a live performance of 1,000 minutes of composer Jem Finer’s Longplayer.

El papa Francisco habla de una tercera Guerra Mundial – El papa Francisco declara su propia muerte…

¿Es ésto coincidencia o afirmación que el papa Francisco hable de una tercera Guerra Mundial?

¿Será coincidencia también las declaraciones de Obama de acabar con ISIS? y ¿Qué sobre las exosiones del Sol y del vilvan Icand al mismo tiempo?

Esta es la segunda vez que el papa hace tales pronunciamientos. La primera vez fue el 19 de Agosto del corriente durante su viaje de regreso de Corea del Sur… Click para ver profecías sobre el papa.

¿Sera coincidencia? Click para ver como el papa declara su propia muerte…

Vea también esto

Aqui en jesuscaminoluzyvida no creemos que haya tal coincidencia sobre los pronunciamientos del papa de una posible Tercera Guerra Mundial… Todos sabemos que desde hace mucho tiempo se ha venido preparando este ascenario. Es más, como él mismo dice, tenemos tiempos viviendo esta guerra de manera sectorizada, es decir por parte en diferente partes del mundo; lo único que falta es que todas las naciones entren en conflicto simultáneamente… Esto realmente es el paso final de la Agenda 21, la cual es el Plan Maestro para dar paso al Nuevo Orden Mundial.

Ciertamente creemos que lo próximo es el colapso financiero global para dar paso a la guerra y luego la declaracion del deplome del Sistema Capitalista, si no antes o durante la guerra, para proponer una cabeza para dirijir todo el mundo… Esta cabeza será el anticristo y será aceptada tal cual lo narra las profecías de Daniel y Juan en el Apocalipsis.

Continuación con las declaraciones del Papa sobre la tercera guerra mundial:

El papa Francisco afirmó hoy que en la actualidad puede hablarse de una tercera Guerra Mundial que se desarrolla “por partes” mediante “crímenes, masacres y destrucciones” e invocó la paz para detener la “locura” bélica.

El pontífice hizo estas afirmaciones durante la homilía que pronunció en el cementerio militar de Fogliano Redipuglia, al que acudió este sábado para recordar a los caídos de la Primera Guerra Mundial y a los damnificados por todos los conflictos bélicos.

“Hoy, tras el segundo fracaso de una guerra mundial, quizás se puede hablar de una tercera guerra combatida “por partes”, con crímenes, masacres, destrucciones”, aseveró.

A massive explosion on the Sun has sent a solar storm heading straight for Earth, experts have said, which may disrupt communications equipment and power grids when it strikes. – Iceland Volcanic Eruption Sending Toxic Gases Throughout Region

A massive explosion on the Sun has sent a solar storm heading straight for Earth, experts have said, which may disrupt communications equipment and power grids when it strikes.

The solar flare registered in the “extreme” band on the scale used by forecasters – a magnitude not seen by observers for a number of years.

Originating from a collection of sunspots right in the centre of our nearest star, it poses a direct threat because “it’s pointed right at us”, according to experts at the Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado.

Observed late on Wednesday, the storm is moving towards Earth at a medium-to-fast rate of about 2.5 million mph (4.02 million kph), said forecaster Tom Berger, meaning the soonest it can arrive is late on Thursday night, UK time.
– See more at: http://m.independent.ie/world-news/europe/extreme-solar-storm-heading-straight-for-earth-following-giant-magnetic-explosion-on-the-sun-30580451.html#sthash.NW8H7pYp.dpuf

“There’s been a giant magnetic explosion on the sun,” Berger said. “Because it’s pointed right at us, we’ll at least catch some of the cloud” of highly energized and magnetized plasma that can disrupt Earth’s magnetic sphere, which sometimes leads to temporary power grid problems,

Berger nonetheless added that the worst effects of the storm are likely to narrowly miss Earth, passing over the North Pole.

It could still cause disturbances in satellite and radio transmissions, though, and will have a significant impact on Earth’s magnetic field.

While a warning has been issued, Berger said “we’re not scared of this one”, and issued a reminder that solar storms don’t directly harm people.

There is a positive aspect to the storm’s arrival, despite the communications concerns.

From Friday morning and over the weekend, we can expect the displays of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) to be particularly bright and colourful, and visible unusually far south.
– See more at: http://m.independent.ie/world-news/europe/extreme-solar-storm-heading-straight-for-earth-following-giant-magnetic-explosion-on-the-sun-30580451.html#sthash.NW8H7pYp.dpuf
Iceland Volcanic Eruption Sending Toxic Gases Throughout Region
High Concentrations Of Volcanic Gases Have Been Detected As Far Away As Finland

Lava spurts from a fissure in the ground on the north side of the Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland. Photo: Associated Press
Foul-smelling gases from a volcanic eruption in Iceland are pestering the region, reaching Norway and Finland more than a thousand kilometers away.
Unusually high concentrations of volcanic gases from the continuing Holuhraun eruption have been detected as far away as Finland. In Iceland, health authorities are urging locals near the volcano to stay inside due to significant levels of sulfur in the air.

Foul-smelling gases from a volcanic eruption in Iceland are pestering the region, reaching Norway and Finland more than a thousand kilometers away.
Unusually high concentrations of volcanic gases from the continuing Holuhraun eruption have been detected as far away as Finland. In Iceland, health authorities are urging locals near the volcano to stay inside due to significant levels of sulfur in the air.

Gas emissions from the eruption site remain high and can be life-threatening for scientists working there. Unpredictable winds caused by the hot lava can lead to sharp spikes in dangerous gas concentrations. The workers are forced to wear gas masks and personal gas monitors, and have evacuated the site repeatedly.
“What we measured today is definitely very high,” said Sara Barsotti, a volcanologist at the Icelandic Met Office, on Wednesday.
“It smelled like old redfish,” Unni Johansen, 68, told The Wall Street Journal by phone from Burfjord in the northern part of Norway. Ms. Johansen said she had smelled a strange odor for several days and had thought “maybe it was the trash” or smells from the sea, but the Norwegian Meteorological Institute said the Icelandic volcano was the cause.
In Reydarfjördur, about 100 kilometers downwind from the eruption site, the amount of sulfur dioxide per cubic meter of air hit 2,600 micrograms, sharply above the hazard level of 350 micrograms per cubic meter for one-hour exposure and the highest level since measurements began in 1970.
Icelandic authorities advised those in the area with respiratory problems and children to stay inside with the windows shut. The country’s Environment Agency said people in Reydarfjördur had likened the air quality to inhaling vapors from the exhaust pipe of a van.
“There’s starting to be concern for the health consequences here,” said Ms. Barsotti.
Elín Gudmundsdóttir, a kindergarten teacher in Reydarfjördur, said authorities instructed them to keep all children inside and close all windows as blue smog settled over the town.
“We don’t know what effect this could have on these little lungs,” she said.
Police on Norway’s western coast received several reports earlier this week of a smelly gas west of the city of Molde.
“People smelled gas in the area. They were worried,” Styrkar Gagnat of the local Nordmøre and Romsdal police said. “The conclusion was that the smell could originate from our neighbors to the northwest.”
On Aug. 31, Iceland’s Bárdarbunga volcanic system began to spout lava out of a large fissure in the Holuhraun lava field. Because of the size of the volcanic system, aviation officials and geologists worry about an event exceeding even the scale of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in 2010, which sent ash into the atmosphere and led to a six-day closure of European airspace.
Currently, the Holuhraun eruption is emitting volcanic gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, which smell of rotten eggs.
Higher-than-usual sulfur dioxide levels have been detected in Norway, Finland, and Ireland. Norway recorded more than 150 micrograms of sulfur dioxide per cubic meter for a couple of hours Tuesday at a metering station in northern Karpdalen. The level has since dropped to around 50.
Kjetil Tørseth at the Norwegian Institute for Air Research said the eruption on Iceland was most likely the cause.
The hazard level for sulfur dioxide in Norway, Iceland and Finland is 350 micrograms per cubic meter for a one-hour exposure.
Finland’s Muonio weather station north of the Arctic Circle, close to the Norwegian and Swedish borders, detected early Monday sulfur dioxide concentrations of 187 micrograms per cubic meter of air, the Finnish Meteorological Institute said. Typically, the area’s outdoor concentration of sulfur dioxide is close to zero.
“Occasionally, equally high concentrations can be detected in the vicinity of industrial sites in exceptional situations, but they occur less than once a year,” senior researcher Pia Anttila said in a statement.
Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency detected several spikes in the air’s sulfur dioxide content this weekend, but said levels have been low in recent days.
“This eruption could last for several weeks or months,” said Ms. Barsotti, adding that current forecasts suggest that northern winds will soon shift the gas cloud away from Europe.
Write to Kjetil Malkenes Hovland at kjetilmalkenes.hovland@wsj.com and Juhana Rossi at juhana.rossi@wsj.com



Actualmente, y también desde hace tiempo, se vienen construyendo túneles subterráneos por toda La Tierra. Pero en nuestros días se han intensificando los trabajos para ultimar la vasta red de túneles subterráneos que recorren todo nuestro planeta.

¿Qué está ocurriendo? ¿Por qué ahora se están multiplicando los túneles a ritmo frenético, en una lucha contra reloj?

Podemos distinguir 2 clases de túneles: humanos y extraterrestres.

Los túneles humanos y bases secretas han sido construídos por las agencias secretas militares y de Inteligencia, para múltiples fines, entre ellos una protección bunkerizada en caso de guerra nuclear u otro tipo de hecatombe planetaria. Muchos de estos túneles y bases secretas, a su vez, conectan con bases y túneles extraterretres, ya que la Elite del Gobierno Mundial trabaja conjuntamente con los Extraterrestres, siendo éstos últimos los que tienen el control.

Por ejemplo, hay un túnel subterráneo que va desde El Vaticano a Suiza, y por él viajan trenes levitantes. Suiza en realidad es una prolongación territorial de El Vaticano; por eso Suiza siempre es neutral en todo, a las Guerras Mundiales y a la Unión Europea; permanece aparte. Y el Cuerpo de la Guardia Suiza es el que protege al Papa. Suiza guarda el dinero del mundo, al servicio de El Vaticano.

La agenda Illuminati ya tiene previstos una serie de refugios subterráneos para salvaguardar a la Elite Illuminati y Masónica del Poder Mundial, como por ejemplo la base subterránea bajo el Aeropuerto de Denver, en Colorado, Estados Unidos.

Y después existe una gran red de túneles extraterrestres, de gran diámetro y gigantescos en longitud, atravesando países y continentes, y también por debajo de los océanos. A través de estos túneles “sobrenaturales”, construídos con técnicas avanzadas no humanas, se desplazan naves, ovnis. Algunas de sus salidas al exterior suelen ser los volcanes, lagos, mares, etc.. ¿Por qué se ha incrementado la actividad de construcción de túneles?

* Por un lado, como ya hemos dicho, se están preparando los Refugios para la Elite Illuminati Mundial, ante la 3ª Guerra Mundial y otras catástrofes globales que tendrán lugar. Esta Elite tiene información de primera mano, facilitada por los extraterrestres, acerca de los eventos que van a ocurrir en un futuro cercano.

* Pero sobre todo, los Extraterrestres Reptiloides se están preparando para Recibir una Gran Invasión y una Gran Guerra que se van a producir en el Espacio Interestelar, en todo el Universo, y que afectará también a la Tierra.




Información Altamente Clasificada illuminati

Parte 1:

Parte 2:

Parte 3:

Parte 4:

Parte 5:

Parte 3:








(No tengas miedo y continua con tu despertar. El miedo es creado para esclavizarnos. Es la unica forma de que la Elite se salga con sus planes)



Pocas veces he realizado entrevistas a testigos tan conmovedores como el de esta ocasión. Karen es una joven de 28 años, mexicana, cuya vida se vió truncada hace 1 año y medio, cuando unas entidades empezaron a aparecerse en su habitación, sometiéndola a terribles y angustiosas pruebas médicas. Esperamos que su testimonio anime a más gente a contar esta desgarradora realidad, y que nadie siga optando por callarse debido al miedo y los prejuicios. La sinceridad, y extrema emotividad con la que se expresa, debería hacernos pensar en profundidad sobre la raiz y causa misma de este tipo de fenómenos, que como insistimos siempre, parecen acompañar a la vida del abducido desde la niñez.
Esta joven necesita ayuda y apoyo, y pedimos desde aquí el máximo respeto y empatía por estos momentos tan duros de su vida. Nosotros por nuestra parte, seguiremos buscando la forma de vencer la intrusión de estos seres, cuya realidad es cada día más clara y evidente, a la luz de casos muy parecidos al de Karen. Para los interesados en abducciones y Visitantes de dormitorio, este video merece un visionado obligado.


Entrevista del contactado Ing Alberto Zecua


Contactado con Seres del Espacio – Entrevista con el Ing. Alberto Zecua:

Parte 1:

Parte 2:


Entrevista con el Ing. Alberto Zecua – Contactado




Mensaje final de OBAMA a todos los Ciudadanos de la Tierra, mas pronto de lo que Esperabas¡
El acontecimiento de todos los tiempos el regreso del Planeta Nibirú el destructor de civilizaciones que florecieron en la antigüedad ya se esta dando y se lo puede observar hasta con telescopios de uso civil de 8″ y 12″ y con filtro, para observar a Nibirù y sus enigmáticas corona de polvo y restos de asteroides que rotan con el y le dan un aspecto alado.
En estos momentos hay un gran hermetismo mundial por la llegada de Nibirú a nuestro sistema solar pero esto es comprensible, y realmente no se puede culpar a nadie, porque nadie es culpable.
Pero también como lo indique desde antes al difundir los vídeos, ningún gobierno alguno ni tecnología existente alguna podía revertir el proceso de las consecuencias de Nibirú en la vida de los hombres actuales.
Finalmente los Superbunker en compas de espera para lo que vendra ¡
Resistiran los embates del colosal Nibiru, pues claro que si ¡


Impacto mundial por descubrimiento de pirámides en la Antártida


El Secreto Mayor Guardado de la Historia:


¿Satélite espía de 13000 años de antiguedad?








¡Llegan los extraterrestres!, programa especial de Canal 33 de Madrid




Ovnis 2014 El Documento de Edward Snowden “Los Aliens nos ven como hormigas”


La nave de los dioses